Policy & Training

In the commercial industry, Royal Prevention Services truly understands the importance of safety. With millions of dollars of commodity rolling through your doors every day, the chance of an employee working or driving under the influence of drugs is a risk you cannot afford to take. Preventing costly drug related accidents can save your business money and create a safe work place for your employees.

Royal Prevention Services staff can assist your company with drafting or updating a Zero Tolerance Drug Policy, and implement a program to enforce it. Each policy drafted will carefully cater the needs of your individual company. The implementation of your company’s drug policy will include an accelerated Drug Awareness Training program to assist your management in recognizing employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Large company or small, Royal Prevention Services can conduct our training courses on site, in a two hour session. The sessions will ensure management and staff understand the importance of a drug-free workplace through recognizing signs and symptoms of employees under the influence of drugs and alcohol. We will provide you with the knowledge of how drugs are commonly packaged and concealed, the identification of the commonly abused drugs available, as well as trends and street terminology associated with drugs. This training will allow management to be better suited to enforce their drug policy through reasonable suspicion.

All courses offered by Royal Prevention Services are taught by a staff of prior law enforcement Drug Recognition Experts, with extensive experience in drug trends and recognizing person under the influence of drugs. This will give you the peace of mind that experience and industry knowledge are the foundation behind every training course. As employees involved with you company begins to realize that proactive steps are being taken to ensure a drug free work place, the all too common occurrences of employees bringing drugs to work or coming to work under the influence of drugs will decline.

Workplace Training